Best Organic Makeup: Top 5 Best Natural Makeup Product Reviews 2020

Skin Care has became a hot topic in the recent times. This because of the growing problems and concerns that the women are facing.

Such as rapid aging, pigmentation, dark circles, dryness, acne and even heightened sensitivity.

There are advantages of using Best Organic Makeup Products over the use of Chemically made Cosmetic Make-up Products. This is due to the hidden benefits of organic plants, oils, and herbs.

What is Organic Makeup

Natural or Organic Makeup products are made of pure natural materials, found in nature. They are in the form of highly pigmented plants, oils and herbs. With no other chemical added to them.

Unlike Synthetic makeup. These makeup brands use ingredients that do not harm the skin.

Even after prolonged use. They also come with some other unique skin enhancing effects.

Because of this undeniable fact. There are many cosmetic companies have launched successful lines of organic products. Some as, Sephora, Orgins, Illa Organic Lipsticks, Tarte Cosmetics and also Afterglow Cosmetics.

These companies have produced nutrient-rich products. They deliver undeniable results, without the risk of side-effects.

Also, these products give the unique healing benefits of natural ingredients. They may also reduce the effect of harmful chemicals, caused by Synthetic makeup.

The History of Organic Makeup

They also used Kohl which was often made out of a mineral called “Stibnite.” Stibnite acts like an eyeliner or mascara to give the face an iconic look which is still in use today.

Many other cultures used organic ingredients, to make soaps and beauty products.

They used organic ingredients because of their rich anti-oxidant and healing properties. Seeds and fruits extracts were often used to make exfoliating mixtures and body scrubs.

The demand for cosmetics grew after the sixteenth century. This is  when some women started using makeup to enhance their appearance . In stage appearances and affairs of art.

The world’s largest cosmetic company L’Oreal started in the early 1900s. Their primary business back then was hair coloring.

Later other brands like Revlon and Estee Lauder joined the competition soon after the First World War.

The Use of Organic Makeup

Many naturally occurring ingredients are commonly use in cleansers, moisturizers and foundation creams. Some companies have also started making lip colors and lipsticks.

These are made from herbs and plants that have a natural coloring property.

Commonly used in cosmetic products are Organic oils, Flower Essences, Natural Clay, Waxes, Corn Starch and also other minerals

These are ideal for people with sensitive skin. As they are naturally occurring ingredients that have a much lower chance of causing skin allergies and reactions.

People should take advantage of the Natural Makeup Lines that are providing pure and safe products to enhance their skin health.

Top Natural Makeup Product Reviews

Natural Liquid Mineral Foundation Makeup - by EVXO

Natural Liquid Mineral Foundation Makeup – by EVXO

EVXO Organic Liquid Foundation is an excellent replacement for typical store-bought foundations. A there foundation doesn’t  consist of chemical substances like sulfates and parabens.

Just some of it is organic and natural ingredients include:

Aloe Vera.

The ancient Egyptians used Aloe and they named it the “plant of immortality.” This is because it consists of large amounts of nutritional vitamins, such as A, B, C, and E.  Also to a wide selection of minerals which are ideal for calming and moisturizing the skin.


Chamomile is often a fantastic skin care herb and is also ideal for all kinds of skin. This is because it is an anti-inflammatory.

It is also especially suitable for sensitive skins that are susceptible to irritation. Chamomile shows that botanical extracts are usually the best option for your skin.


Demonstrated in research studies that Thyme is more effective than doctor prescribed creams. Prescribed creams contain benzoyl peroxide, which deal with blemishes due to an acne bacteria!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil works to prevent free radicals from the body which play a large part in aging. By battling free radicals, we decrease wrinkles and your skin youthful-looking. It is also an anti-inflammatory, so that it  relaxes and moisturizes sensitive skin.

Upon using there foundation. You will notice that it seems comfortably mild. Yet still providing you with an ample amount of  protection.

Lastly, EVXO products aren’t tested on animals, and their products are 100% vegetarian. This products are also manufactured in the USA.

Evxo Organic Liquid Foundation Makeup Review Video

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Natural Organic Mascara by Endlessly Beautiful

Natural Organic Mascara by Endlessly Beautiful

Voted best mascara for 2015! by Endlessly Beautiful’s Natural Organic Mascara is an organically produced, vegan and gluten-free mascara.

Fortified with eyelash nourishing components such as; Rosemary, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Vitamin E.

It also includes Coffee Powder, Oregano, Thyme, and also Grapefruit that condition and promotes eyelash growth.

There’s no artificial preservatives, colors, or fragrances. It’s perfect for sensitive eyes and skin!
Organic Mascara is enriched with lash nourishing and conditioning ingredients. These ingredients help to stimulate lash growth.

Endlessly Beautiful’s Natural Organic Mascara is also long-lasting that won’t clump, flake, or smear. It’s simple to apply and really simple to remove. It is mild enough for even delicate eyes.

Endlessly Beautiful’s top-quality formula will emphasize your natural eyelashes. It does this by volumizing and lengthening for a stunning, full look.

It’s made in the USA and is cruelty-free. They never test on animals.

The tube is small and travel-friendly so it’ll always easily fit in your on-the-go make-up case.

It also smells great!

Introducing Natural Mascara Video

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 Organic Finishing Powder by Au Naturale

Au Naturale Organic Finishing Powder sets your makeup for long-lasting wear.

It noticeably reduces skin pore size, and decreases shine on all skin color.

Just a gentle dusting from the product is required, after your make-up application to achieve excellent results.

Au Naturale Organic Finishing Powder is made of; Maranta Arudinacea Root Powder, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, and Mica.

It is free of preservatives, fragrances, chemicals, nano-particles, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, and sulfates. Our Finishing Powders are also cruelty-free and animal-free.

Au Naturale Testing Video

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Dual Powder Foundation by Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics Dual Powder Foundation is a velvety plant-based formulation. It works equally like a foundation and powder to get a smooth matte finish.

When put on using a dry cloth, it makes an extremely flat finish. You can also use a damp sponge to get a sheer, fresh look.

The Dual Power Foundation was developed to help you reduce shine and soak up extra oil. It does this without clogging skin pores or drying skin.

It consists of proven anti-oxidants for exceptional protection against environmental damage. It’s a non-chemical PABA-free sunblock and  has added to shield your skin from damaging exposure to the sun.

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Organic Makeup Remover by Herbal Choice Mari

Organic Makeup Remover by Herbal Choice Mari

Herbal Choice Mari’s Organic Makeup Remover is an all-natural, certified organic makeup remover. It cleans naturally without having chemicals.

This is oils are hexane free, cold-pressed, non-refined, and also non-deodorized. 100% free of chemicals, and also paraben free, detergent free, and preservative free.

It’s a pure plant based make-up remover.

This Organic Makeup Remover is a fantastic face and eye makeup remover. This is because it’s safe to use near the eyes and won’t sting.

It’s Dairy free, Soy free, GMO free, Cruelty Free, Vegan and Vegetarian. It is ideal for all types of skin.
This includes delicate skin, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dried out. The organic and natural moisturizing properties will ensure your skin remains hydrated.

Herbal Choice Mari’s Organic Makeup Remover is free from alcohol. It’s also free from dyes, fragrances, phthalates, propylene glycol, and SLS. USDA Certified Organic and natural and Packed in Glass.

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The Pro and Cons of Natural Makeup:


Long Lasting: It’s known to last longer on your skin and does not need frequent touch-ups.

Longer Shelf Life: The Shelf Life of these Natural Makeup Products are much longer. That’s when compared to the chemically made cosmetic products.

Lightwieght: These products do not clog up your skin pores. They are  light weighted and only small amounts of the products are only needed. applied.

Recommended by Specialists: Because of its various healing properties. Many doctors recommend using only Natural or Mineral Makeup. They recommend this to people after chemical burns and surgeries.


Light Colored: Natural Makeup is usually lighter in color. People with darker skin types may find it difficult to find a matching color, that can contrast their looks.

Expensive: Because of the recent popularity of Natural Makeup. The industry has priced these valuable products quite high. This is because of their sometimes rare avail-abilities and ever increasing demand.

Counterfeit or Fake Products: The high demand and overpriced nature of these products, have caused many fake products to come into the market. It is very crucial to buy only the products that are certified by the USDA, to ensure genuineness.

Final Thoughts:

Organic Make-up has some amazing facts. It also has some great benefits, that makes it a better option compared to the traditional cosmetic makeup.

Despite of some shortcomings like the price factor and genuineness. Organic Makeup Brands remains to be a far better option for everyone who is looking for a healthy line of makeup.

These products can help them in maintaining and even improving their skin.

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